It’s Just Not Cricket – A Cricket Match-Fixing Card Game (PDF version)


A strategy card game for 4 to 11 players, based around cricket match-fixing. There’s a match-fixer in your team. Work out who it is before the Test is lost.



A cricket card game, in the style of Secret Hitler. Lies, deception, corruption, all the things that make cricket great. Can you work out who the match fixer in your team is before the Test is lost?

The game comes in PDF form and contains the complete rules plus the following playing pieces:

– Twelve (12) Role Cards (11 Cricketers, 1 Fixer)

– Twelve (12) Player Comfort Meters

– 48 Play Cards (33 Positive, 15 Negative)

– Five (5) Hotel Visitor Cards (Journalist, Fan, WAG, Coach, Bookie)

– A Play of the Day Marker

Download the PDF, print the game out on the thickest paper/cardboard you can find and get to tracking down the match-fixers in your team.