Dan Liebke’s Wasted Review of Cricket – 2023 (ebook)




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For the past seven months, after just about every day’s cricket I watched, I wrote a report card on the day’s play for my supporters (over at newsletter.liebcricket.com and patreon.com/liebcricket, of course).

Those matches included pretty much every game the Australian men and women played (time zone pending, of course), most notably, the Border-Gavaskar Trophy and the men’s and women’s Ashes.

When you combine those various report cards together, you get this book – my wasted review of cricket in 2023 (more precisely, February 2023 to September 2023).

It’s a detailed recap of my cricket watching over the past seven months, all done in what critics sneeringly refer to as my ‘unique style’.

A detailed, 230 page, recap of my cricket watching over this period. Enjoy reliving cricket in 2023.