Dan Liebke’s Wasted Review of Cricket – 2023/24 (Autographed)


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For the past six months, after just about every day’s cricket I watched, I wrote a report card on the day’s play for my supporters (over at newsletter.liebcricket.com and patreon.com/liebcricket, of course).

Those matches included pretty much every game the Australian men and women played (time zone pending, of course), plus other major series, most notably, the men’s ODI World Cup and the India v England Test series.

When you combine those various report cards together, you get this book – my wasted review of cricket in 2023/24 (more precisely, October 2023 to March 2024).

It’s a detailed recap of my cricket watching over the past six months, all done in what critics sneeringly refer to as my ‘unique style’.

A detailed, 266 page, recap of my cricket watching over this period. Enjoy reliving cricket in 2023/24.