Dan Liebke’s Greatest Book Bundle


Dan Liebke’s Greatest Books Bundle – three of my ‘Greatest’ cricket books now in one convenient bundle

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NOTE: THIS IS THE UN-AUTOGRAPHED VERSION OF THE BUNDLE. None of the books will be sullied by my unsightly scrawl. But you can get an autographed version if you really want one.

Get living, paper copies of three of my ‘Greatest’ cricket books by investing in this smart bundle. Here’s what’s on offer:

The 50 Greatest Australian Cricketers (of the past 50 years) – Me counting down and writing about the fifty greatest Australian cricketers of the past fifty years. I’d have thought that was self-explanatory.

Fifty Great Moments in Australian Cricket – Me using some of the great moments in Australian cricket (and, to be honest, a handful that are only tenuously linked to Australian cricket) to discuss why cricket is the greatest sport.

The 10 Greatest World Cup Wins in Australian Cricket – A book that can only be written about Australian cricket. No other nation even has 10 World Cup wins to rank, let alone the 20-something Australia has. I recap all the best tournament triumphs, from the against-the-odds victories to the strutting undefeated runs.

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