Alex O’Hallory, The Best Junior Cricketer In The Galaxy – Book One (ebook)




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Alex O’Hallory is just an ordinary kid who has never once played cricket on a planet other than Earth. But that’s all about to change.

It’s not easy building a galactic junior cricket team. It requires dedicated talent scouts carefully keeping track of the best young alien players from the millions of cricket-loving planets all across the galaxy.

Alex’s grandfather is one such scout, but when he loses his first choice pick for the Outer Orion OrigaMists, he grabs Alex instead to fill in as Earth’s representative in the tryouts.

Now Alex has to deal with fast-bowling cyborgs, dinosaur planets, big-hitting insects, shrinking ladders, sledging fish-headed wicketkeepers, origami detention, mad scientists, out-of-control bowling machines, giant robot coaches, leg-spinning farts and other everyday kid problems on the way to becoming… the best junior cricketer in the galaxy.

Look out, Milky ‘Way 2 Go’ Junior Cricket Competition. There’s a new Earthling in town.

Recommended for ages 7 to 13 – If you are outside this age range, you do not have my permission to enjoy this book!