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The Roar

The Roar is where I, an 'Expert', write my ratings, where I grade the most relevant aspects of virtually every Australian Test and ODI. (Sorry, T20 and/or non-Australian cricket fans). I also sometimes write other stuff too.

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Random Experiments

And here's the writing that nobody is willing to pay for (yet!).

(If you want to pay me for my writing then contact me and we'll talk. Or support me directly via Patreon)

Friday First Drafts

A weekly experiment in which I go through my giant list of cricket ideas, choose one and then churn out a first draft.

Ashes Screenplays

After every day of the 2019 Ashes and 2021/22 Ashes, I wrote a handful of pages telling the story of the series in screenplay form. Get the entire 2019 Ashes screenplay (with commentary) here and the full 2021/22 Ashes screenplay (with commentary) here

The Forty Funniest Cricketers of All Time

In 2016-2017, I counted down the forty funniest cricketers of all time. Each year after that, I've updated it with the standout comedy cricketer of the year.


A shameless Onion-style rip-off. PLUMB! is a parody newspaper of current cricket events, updated as I think of fresh jokes.

How I Write

Some behind the scenes stuff on my #process.