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Hey. Remember how I recommended Ulysses for all your writing?

The subscription cost for Ulysses is $4.99US per month. A perfectly reasonable price for anybody who uses it as much as I do.

But what's even better is that Ulysses is also part of Setapp, a suite of programs that cost just $9.99US per month. So, if you're going to purchase Ulysses (and obviously I strongly recommend you do), then you're halfway to justifying purchasing Setapp. So see if you can find other programs in the massive list of Setapp software that might, between them, justify another $5US per month.

As a kickstart to that justification, here's the software I currently use regularly on Setapp:

  • Bartender (to keep my menu bar tidy)
  • CleanMyMac X (keeps my Mac from being cluttered with crap)
  • Downie (for downloading YouTube (and other) videos for offline viewing)
  • Be Focused (for Pomodoroing my way through the writing day)
  • Forklift (for file management)
  • Gemini (for file deduplication)
  • iStat Menus (for easy, at a glance, insight into how my Mac is performing)
  • Photolemur (for magically making photos look better)
  • Taskheat (for planning projects)
  • Timing (for tracking how I spend my time)

That's five bucks worth of stuff, for sure. And there's new apps being added all the time.

Boy, crazy that I didn't sort out an affiliate link for this.

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