Hints for Maxwellball

No doubt you've already played the Maxwellball text adventure games. If not, why not?

Here are some hints for typical problems people are having solving the games. (Highlight the black to show the hint.)

Hints for Maxwellball 1

How do I get past the security guard?

You need both the cap (found in the souvenir shop) and your kit (found in the car park).

How do I get past the kids demanding my autograph?

Three levels of hints here:
1. You need to be less recognisable. Maybe try and look a little less like the man on the cricket card they're demanding to be signed. If you're not sure what you currently look like, have a look at yourself in the mirror in the Men's Room.

2. If you've signed a few autographs, the answer should be right in front of your face.

3. Maybe do a google image search on Glenn Maxwell to get some ideas.

How do I get the cap?

You'll need to buy it. There's no other way of getting it. So you'll need money.

How do I get the complimentary tickets from the ticket seller?

Two levels of hints here:

1. You need to convince her that you're who you say you are. Actions speak louder than words here.

2. If you've got the broom, do what comes naturally with it. Then maybe do what might come naturally to Glenn Maxwell.

What do I do with the broom?

You use it to get the complimentary tickets.

Hints for Maxwellball 2

How do I get my box?

Three levels of hints here:
1. You need to distract The Opener. Maybe there's something on TV he'd like to watch.

2. To change the channel, you'll need to get the remote from The Selector.

3. Look around while you're with The Selector. What you have to do is repeated over and over.

How do I get my helmet?

Three levels of hints here:
1. The Coach is very concerned about the team's performance and how that might affect his future.

2. Maybe there's something around that could reassure him that his job is safe.

3. Look everywhere. Look inside things. You'll find something reassuring eventually.

How do I get my other pad?

1. Like Alice, you can go through the looking glass.

2. In a backward dimension, you can post large items (such as pads) for free.

3. Time is weird in mirror dimensions. If you go back there a second time you might bump into yourself from the first time.

How do I get my gloves?

Three levels of hints here:

1. The captain's hands are very fast. There's no way you can take anything away from his fidget pile.

2. Maybe you can add more gloves to the pile to give you some extra time to grab your gloves.

3. Fire is good for warming people up.

How do I get my bat?

You type in the correct command at the correct time. Couldn't be easier.

Okay. If there's anything else you're having a problem with, contact me and I'll try and give some more hints.

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