Forty Funniest Cricketers of All Time

1 - Stuart Broad

In a sense, this whole 'funniest cricketer' countdown has been a nonsense from the beginning. Despite my careful analysis and high quality wielding of spreadsheet formulas to generate the list, senses of humour remain a very personal thing.

What I find very funny, somebody from a different culture and upbringing may not even register as amusing as all. This is certainly the case if responses to my tweets during India-Australia series are any guide.

Therefore, in a way, the true funniest cricketer of all time is the person who makes you laugh the most. That might be Sreesanth. It may be David Warner. Perhaps it's Merv Hughes or Beefy Botham or Kamran Akmal or Chris Martin or Virender Sehwag or Freddie Flintoff or any of the dozens of other possibilities people put forth to me during this countdown.

So to fill in the top spot in this list, I'm going to ask you all to search deep within yourselves and ask which cricketer you find funniest. Then go ahead and--

Actually, fuck that.

It's Broad. Broad's the funniest.

So funny he's in the list twice. Deal with it.

Here's the Master List of the Forty Funniest Cricketers of All Time