Women’s World T20 Winner Breakdowns – Ellyse Variants v Non-Ellyse Variants

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Australia have won another Women’s World T20 tournament. More importantly, several players with variants of the name ‘Ellyse’ have won another tournament.

Here’s how World T20 winners break down according to name (blue is Ellyse variants, red is non-Ellyse variants):

The clearest trend in world cricket

The clearest trend in world cricket

Note: Ellyse variants include Ellyse, Alyssa, Elyse, Lisa, Merissa, Anissa and Delissa

Of course, what all this talk about Ellyses reminds me of is Head In The Clouds, an excerpt from my book, The Instant Cricket Library (and simultaneously an excerpt from Perry-fection, The Autobiography of Ellyse Perry. Don’t think about it too much, it’s just how the book works).

Here’s an excerpt from that excerpt:

My high school years were relatively uneventful. I was lucky enough to make the Pymble Ladies College soccer team (or ‘kickball’, as Mrs Farquar insisted we call it) at my first try-out, and was made captain. I remember thinking that was a little odd, but perhaps Mrs F felt sorry for me because I was the only Year Seven student in the team.

I also had the good fortune to make the PLC First XI cricket side. Coincidentally, I was made captain of that side, too, as well as the opening batsman and bowler. I happened to find some good form that first year and managed to score the most runs. Hardly surprising, since I was first one to the crease each time! As it turned out, I also topped the batting averages. And also the bowling averages. And took the most wickets overall. And catches. I must say, everything really seemed to click that year. And also in the rest of my school years too.

You can read the rest (and dozens more) in my book, The Instant Cricket Library.

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