The Overcome Pat Cummins – #PatOverCummins

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When Pat Cummins looked surprised at the idea that Australia had captured a South African wicket during the recent ODI series, this naturally inspired Cat (@Cricketbatcat) and me to hit the Photoshop Machine™. Here are the results all in one place:

Of course, what all this talk about Pat Cummins reminds me of is The Rise of Speed, an excerpt from my book, The Instant Cricket Library (and simultaneously an excerpt from The Quicks and the Dead: An Expose of the Australian Fast Bowlers’ Cartel. Don’t think about it too much, it’s just how the book works).

Here’s an excerpt from that excerpt:

The speed of brazen upstart Mitchell Starc, 28, from Sydney, New South Wales, has proven to be as addictive as that of his namesake predecessor. Perhaps even more so, with a source at Cricket Australia informing me that a striking pink pace variant is now regularly dealt just outside the central business district of Adelaide, South Australia, often after dark.

Another prominent pace supplier from Sydney is 27-year-old Josh Hazlewood. Also known as the notorious Hazleberg, aka The One Who Ends Knocks, he is rumoured to have developed his pace in a hidden super-lab, deep beneath an otherwise unremarkable cricket academy, which would account for the clinical precision of his speed.

But most disturbing of all the speed merchants is Pat Cummins, 24, who has been dealing in pace since he was a teenager. For a time, it seemed as if Cummins had gotten out of the speed game and reintegrated into society, but his recent re-emergence as a member of the Sydney triad has led many opponents of pace and its effects to despair.

You can read the rest (and dozens more) in my book, The Instant Cricket Library.

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