October 2018 Cricket Quiz

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Test how well you remember the past month of cricket by taking the October 2018 cricket quiz.

1. Who won the JLT Cup?

A. The what?
B. Is that the Australian domestic 50 over competition?
C. Uh, New South Western Vicmanialand?
D. The Delhi Daredevils

2. What miraculous effort by Marnus Labuschagne in the Tests against Pakistan was the single most remarkable?

A. Being run out at the non-striker’s end as a result of elite levels of apathy
B. Dismissing a batsman Testicles Before Wicket
C. Taking a close-in catch with only belated and minimal use of his hands
D. Getting me to stop banging on about Glenn Maxwell for a few days

3. Whose supreme ODI performance left fans shaking their heads in amazement?

A. Virat Kohli, for scoring three consecutive centuries during the India v West Indies series
B. The monsoon season, for impacting every single match in the Sri Lanka v England series
C. Imran Tahir, for taking a typically dispassionate hat trick against Zimbabwe as they were dismissed for 78 during the South Africa v Zimbabwe series
C. Shaun Marsh, for being selected in the Australian squad for the upcoming series against South Africa

4. What, according to the new Players’ Pact, is the best way for the Australian cricket team to lose their ‘win at all costs’ mentality?

Paine's pact promises plenty

Paine’s pact promises plenty

A. By recognising how lucky they are to play this great game
B. By respecting the game and its traditions
C. By competing, smiling, fighting on and dreaming
D. By playing for trophies that look like giant pieces of toast

5. And how, according to the simultaneously released cultural review, does the side best reconnect with the Australian public?

A. By implementing funny run outs where the opposition batsmen are just standing in the middle of the pitch, chatting and fist-bumping, like a careless pair of clowns
B. By being the women’s team
C. By playing with KFC buckets on their heads
D. By winning at all costs

6. Who embarrassingly tried to promote sales of his new book by revisiting a tired old feud with Steve Waugh?

A. Shane Warne
B. Mark Waugh
C. Curtly Ambrose
D. Me

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  1. Laura says:

    i hope we get to play for more trophies that look like toast

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