Lloyd Pope Headline Bingo Card

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at 2018.10.29

How To Play

Spot each headline as Lloyd Pope makes his inevitable charge towards becoming the greatest leg-spinner in history, then simply mark it off. When you complete a row, column, diagonal or all four corners, simply shout ‘Hallelujah!’ and collect your prize.

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Of course, what all this biblical wordplay reminds me of is The Book of Botham, 19:81, an excerpt from my book, The Instant Cricket Library (and simultaneously an excerpt from And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time… The Good Book of England Cricket. Don’t think about it too much, it’s just how the book works).

Here’s an excerpt from that excerpt:

Dilley joined Ian Botham at the crease. And the all-rounder did say to Dilley, “Right. Come on, let’s give it some humpty.”

And humpty was given in great and powerful shots. Dilley did score 56 in a partnership of five score and seventeen. And Botham scored with even greater haste, as he did humpty from 39 at tea to a century soon after.

With great and reckless abandon were boundaries struck. And one six was struck from the bowling of Alderman into a stall of confectionery. And the shot was sweet.

And England did take the lead.

And when Dilley did fall, Botham did continue to humpty.

Chris Old was the new partner for Botham. And Botham said unto him, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for Beefy, your all-rounder goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” And Old did make 29 in a partnership of 67.

You can read the rest (and dozens more) in my book, The Instant Cricket Library.

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  1. Null and Lloyd for his inevitable 10fer.

  2. Roger says:

    Tab-Lloyd hijinks!!!

  3. Dan Liebke says:

    That’s going on the Extended Card


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