April 2018 Cricket Quiz

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Test how well you remember the past month of cricket by taking the April 2018 cricket quiz. First five questions worth six points each. Final question worth ten points.

1. Which is the most implausible aspect of the ECB’s mooted T20 alternative – The Hundred?

A. That instead of twenty overs, teams would bowl fifteen normal six-ball overs plus one ten-ball over.
B. That the ten-ball over can be bowled by up to three bowlers.
C. That there are three bowlers in English cricket willing to participate in this nonsense.
D. All of the above.

2. During this IPL season so far, who has proven to be the most devastating and aggressive Australian batsman?

A. Shane Watson (Chennai Super Kings)
B. Chris Lynn (Kolkata Knight Riders)
C. Glenn Maxwell (Delhi Daredevils)
D. Matt Renshaw (Somerset)

3. Which ICC tactic was most effective in easing the pain of their recently presented 2019 World Cup draw containing only ten teams?

A. Pointing out that every team that is there gets to play against everybody else.
B. Awarding T20I status to all 104 member nations.
C. Getting rid of the Champions Trophy tournament and replacing it with a World T20.
D. Using an upbeat font and smartly laminating the printout.

4. What will fans miss most as a result of Morne Morkel’s retirement from international cricket?

A. The pleasing alliteration of the first syllable of his first and last names.
B. The reminder that Albie Morkel was a cricketer who existed.
C. Nerds opining that anybody named Mork-El is clearly an Ork-Krypton hybrid alien.
D. All of the above

5. What will attract mums and kids to the game, according to Andrew Strauss?

Andrew Strauss confuses mums and kids with bears

Andrew Strauss confuses mums and kids with bears

A. Twenty fewer deliveries per innings.
B. A simplified scoreboard.
C. Eoin Morgan’s seal of approval.
D. Uncovered garbage.

6. Whose surprising willingness to accept their ban from cricket was the most welcome?

A. Steve Smith’s
B. Dave Warner’s
C. Cameron Bancroft’s
D. Channel Nine’s

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